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Quilting Services

The Retired Quilt offers hand quilting and long arm machine quilting of your already completed quilt tops.


Long arm quilting - charged by the square foot (batting or backing not included)

Hand quilting - contact us to discuss your project.

The Retired Quilt offers you a wide variety of quality products. We understand the personal touch needed to make any shopping experience great.

Stay for awhile and browse our on-line store today!

Do your kids have baskets full of high school or College T-shirts? We can make a keepsake out of them that they will treasure forever. Ask us how we can make your memories last in a Memory Quilt!

Click on images for a larger view.


Quilts and Quilted Products

Scrap Quilt

This is just an example of a quilt made of scraps that we can do at the Retired Quilt.

T-shirt Quilts

Sometimes T-shirts have no design, they are just all solid colored. We do that too!

T-shirt Quilts

At the Retired Quilt we love to make T-shirt quilts. Large and small!! Prices start at $300

T-shirt Quilts

This one was a definite super size!!

Long Arm quilting

Here is an example of Panto quilting. Free hand meandering, panto and some specialty quilting offered. Give us a call to discuss your project.

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